Preserving Ecotourism, PT Pupuk Indonesia Energi Distributes CSR Funds

Preserving Ecotourism, PT Pupuk Indonesia Energi Distributes CSR Funds

As a form of support for the preservation of ecotourism, PT Pupuk Indonesia Energi (PI Energi) distributed caring assistance in the context of implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the end of 2019.

A grant of IDR 368,000,000 was given to the Gresik area, East Java.

This CSR activity is an effort to rehabilitate natural ecosystems and green village roads.

Not only that, CSR funds will also be used to build supporting facilities for Ecotourism.

PI Energi regularly continues to monitor the progress of the CSR activities that have been started since December 2019, so that later they can be realized properly.

Benny Swastika Nasution as the Corporate Secretary said that the goal of this CSR activity is a form of PI Energi's support for environmental preservation, in accordance with our corporate values, namely PIE-GO. One of its values ​​is caring for the environment.

With this foundation of corporate values, we strive to continue to contribute to supporting environmental preservation.

PI Energi, as a subsidiary of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero), strives to uphold the values ​​of PI Energi, PIE-GO.

There is one of the pillars of PIE-GO, namely Environmentally friendly, Health, and Safety.

In this pillar, PI Energi is committed to upholding the sustainability of funds for the maintenance of the natural environment.

This shows PI Energi's commitment to continue supporting environmental preservation so that it can provide more positive impacts and benefits for the wider community.