On weekdays, from Monday to Friday, community members work in accordance with their Main Duties and Functions (Tupoksi). Starting from the position of Directors to staff at the PI Energi office
However, on weekends, the Tupoksi which applies on weekdays melts away. They all agreed to leave for a moment the positions in the office and join PIE Rider. A community of motorcyclists who have a similar hobby, riding long-distance motorbikes is now better known as Touring.

PIE Rider was founded by PI-Energi directors and employees. The purpose was established as a forum to share the same hobby of its members, namely touring motorbikes. Its members are also part of the PI-Energi extended family. Starting from the board of directors, management to employees. There are only two requirements to join, apart from being part of the PI-Energi family. First, have a motorbike. Second, touring hobby.

First Wheel Spin

It all started on a sunny weekend. Precisely on Sunday, October 7 2018. After the day before doing the first Saturday Morning Ride (Satmori) to the Mount Pancar area in Sentul, Bogor, West Java, PI Rider finally officially stood up.

The motorbike accelerates, the wheels do not stop on the first lap. After Mount Pancar, then PI-Rider continued to drive his motorbike to Rangkasbitung in Banten, the peak tourist area in Bogor until he returned to doing Satmori around Jakarta.

Health Benefits

Riding a motorcycle on a regular basis has been scientifically proven to benefit both physical and mental health. Research conducted by the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

In this research, the participants' brain activity and hormone levels, as quoted from Tirto.id, were recorded by the researchers, before, during and after driving. As a result, riding a motorbike can increase focus and attention while reducing stress-marking hormones.

The research, which was funded by the legendary motorcycle manufacturer from the United States, Harley Davidson, was led by Don Vaughn, a neurologist. Don said that the brain is an extremely complex organ. According to him, stress levels among adults continue to increase. Motorcycle according to Don is a technology that can provide good activity to the brain.


Apart from the good news provided by the research results above, for PI-Rider, touring motorbikes can also build a spirit of equality. If in the office on weekdays there are different positions according to their respective duties, then in PI-Rider, all members of the community are equal. It doesn't matter what kind of motorbike he drives. Whether it's an automatic, sport or classic motorbike {}.